Mini survival guide to Dutch

Alstublieft Here you are; please
Bezoekers Visitors
Brug / straat / weg / plein Bridge / street / road / square
"Coffee shop" "legal" drugs shop
Dames Women (toilet)
Drogist / drogisterij Drug store
Gracht, Scheveningen Canal (to practice the Dutch pronunciation of the 'g' and 'sch'; it will take you a while)
Goede morgen / dag / middag / nacht Good morning / hello / good afternoon / good night
Gratis Free
Heren Men (toilet)
Ingang Entrance
Koffiewinkel Coffee shop to buy coffee and tea
Kroket An Unidentified Fried Object or Dutch UFO to foreigners. For the Dutch a delicacy.
Links / Rechts Left / Right
Naar / Van To / From
Perron Platform
Pikketanussie (slang) A glass of Dutch gin ("jenever")
Rondvaartboten Canal boats
Saisies / dreifsaisies (slang) covers all bird species except sparrows and seagulls. Dreifsaisies (floating birds) include ducks and so forth.
Sphinx Instructions on Dutch toilets especially for German visitors who are used to the instruction to keep walking (Laufen).
Uitgang Exit
Veerpont / pont Ferry
Vervoersbewijzen Tickets